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Important Information for Parents

EXCITING NEWS!!!We are now enrolling children as young as 2 years, 6 months old! Get in touch with us to enrol your child or find out more...
NO FEESIn 2013, our Management and Governing Board (Kelston Community Trust) decided to waive all fees to ensure access to our centre for all families and children within our community. This means, there are currently no fees to attend our centre.
Centre Hours:Monday to Friday: 8.30am - 3pm
Our Team:We have a team of five fully qualified and registered teachers/kaiako! Four of our teachers/kaiako have worked together for 10 years and the "newbie" joining in 2017.
How to Enrol:1. Get in touch - fill out our quick and easy contact form and we will call or email you to walk you through our enrolment process and organise a date and time that suits you to pop in for a centre tour.
2. If our centre roll is full, we will add you to our waitlist and keep in touch with you and as soon as a spot becomes available we will contact you to discuss a start date for your child to begin their early learning journey with us.
3. Still not sure and wanting more information about our service?You may like to read our centre Education Review Office’s (ERO) report which will give you an idea of what our service offers for children and parents/whanau. We are very proud to have been through ERO's new approach to evaluating quality – Akarangi | Quality Evaluations in July 2021. Click on the link below to read ERO's report:
Holiday Period / Centre Closed: Monday, 20th December 2021 - Friday, 14th January 2022

Our Philosophy

At Kelston Community Early Childhood Centre, our team of passionate, committed and fully qualified teachers reflect our multi-cultural community, with each teacher contributing a diversity of valuable skills and knowledge. We aim to ensure that we implement an inclusive programme that respects and acknowledges the children and families from a diverse range of cultures, beliefs and tikanga.
Our curriculum is based on goals and learning outcomes that are directed from observed interests, strengths and parent contribution of each child trusted in our care. As early childhood educators, we acknowledge that it is our primary responsibility to support and facilitate children’s learning through thoughtful and intentional pedagogy (Ministry of Education, 2017).
Kelston Early Childhood Centre is a non-profit centre with a long-standing teaching team who provide free, quality care for the tamariki within our Kelston and wider community. Our teachers have formed long-term positive relationships with whanau in our Kelston community, thus developing an awareness of the challenges the families within our multi-cultural community face. We are committed to forming meaningful, responsive and reciprocal relationships with our families, to ensure that we are providing quality care for the tamariki, as well as their whᾱnau.
We acknowledge Te Tiriti o Waitangi as the founding document of New Zealand and value Mᾱori as Tangata Whenua. We recognise Te Reo Mᾱori as the indigenous language of Aotearoa and aim to consistently implement Te Reo me ngᾱ Tikanga Mᾱori throughout our curriculum, to ensure “Te Reo Mᾱori not only survives but thrives” (Minsitry of Education, 2017, p. 3).







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Our Governance

Kelston Community Trust is the Governing Body for Kelston Community Early Childhood Centre.
The Kelston Community Trust (KCT) was established in 2000. It was an initiative of local community members, council members and school principals.
Trust activities include producing the Kelston Community News (newsletter), providing robust governance and support to the Kelston Community Early Childhood Centre, Kelston HIPPY programme (Home Interaction Programme for Parents and Youngsters), and the Proud to be Kelston Community Awards

Address: 9 St Leonards Road, Kelston Auckland, New Zealand 0602Phone:09-813 4980Email:zn.oc.artx%40ecenotslek

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